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Resolving DOB audits

This 4 story building at 576 Lenox Road had a stop work order for years. The owner was fed up and decided to hire us. Within 2 months, construction resumed!

We developed a 3D model of the building to handle numerous objections from the NYC Department of Buildings Concrete Enforcement Unit.

Visual Basic programming was used to handle complicated calculations, speeding up the process.

A challenging problem was the underdesigned retaining walls next to neighboring houses. We made them work by pouring concrete walls next to them and expanding the footings, saving a costly demolition and rebuild.

Since the project was bleeding money for years, we minimized the cost. Expensive steel moment frames were replaced with CMU shear walls. And we grouped windows together, removing expensive framing and finishes.

Construction has resumed and everyone is grinning ear to ear. Stay tuned for photos!


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